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Business Aviation

OMNI Aviation’s business jet fleet is one of the most comprehensive in all aircraft segments. With a fleet ranging from a Learjet to the very exclusive Airbus 319 Corporate Jetliner, we offer seating from 6 up to 48 passengers.


Within the OMNI Aviation Group, there are 2 operators in this segment: OMNI Aviação and White Airways. A dedicated sales team covers both companies.

We guarantee mobility to any chosen destination, avoiding fixed schedules of the commercial carriers, delays at check-in and boarding. Our service is flexible and personalized according to the client’s profile and preferences.


There are various charter options:

Ad-Hoc Charter (the most common for sporadic flights)
To get started the client just needs to make a phone call or send an email to obtain an all-inclusive price.
The quote given by our sales team will include all costs related to the flight like ground handling, catering, air route fees, fuel, crew, maintenance and insurance. Making it easy is our goal.

Hourly contracts
If you intend to use our service on a regular basis, we can sell a package of hours that can be planned according to the client’s agenda. Just call our sales team and explain what you are looking for.

Short or long term lease
For certain clients, the exclusive use of an aircraft is a requirement. In these situations, a short or long term lease may be the solution, where the client can decide the planning of the aircraft as if it was his. The only limitations are the crew duty times and the maintenance checks. This is the ultimate solution for the best versatility of our service.
In these contracts there is a monthly fixed fee and a variable cost for the flight hours.


Aircraft Management

OMNI Aviation also manages third-party aircraft on behalf of owners, an excellent option for private individuals or corporations seeking for a rapid and efficient way of flying their own aircraft, without having to create a dedicated aviation company.
Having the aircraft operated by OMNI Aviation brings substantial benefits for the owner. The combined aviation expertise, cost reductions through economies of scale, rapid aircraft phase-in, crew and fleet backup capacity, are excellent advantages of this service. Additional aircraft capacity can be offered to the charter market, to improve return-on-investment for owners.


In many cases, the client’s request is not adequate for the OMNI fleet. Commonly this is due to the fact that both the origin/destination is far from where the fleet is stationed.
In such cases, OMNI sub charters aircraft from other operators who are part of the OMNI network. This ensures we will always offer the most cost effective solution to the end user.

Benefits of dealing with OMNI Aviation

  • Fleet size: with more than 65 aircraft in the fleet, we offer versatility and resources to accommodate almost all the client’s needs. Ranging from wide body airliners, to VIP converted airliners, as well as business jets and helicopters, the OMNI Aviation fleet if a worldwide reference.
  • Training: at the OMNI Aviation Training Center in Tires, Portugal, we offer both Frozen ATPL course and Cabin Crew training, as well as some type ratings in Airplanes and Helicopters. A modern AlSim flight simulator is available for our students while doing the instrument flying training, allowing the best possible conditions for the successful conclusion of its course.
  • Maintenance: Within the OMNI Group there are some companies that provide the maintenance support both for the own fleet as well as for third party. Owning these precious resources is the best way of keeping the fleet airworthy and ready to fly.


Rua Henrique Callado, n.º4 - Piso 2
2740-303 Porto Salvo - Portugal
Telephone: +351 219 457 560
Fax: +351 219 457 569

24H: +351 912 310 330 (Contact number for professionals)

Business Aviation
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