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EMS Flights

EMI - Emergência Médica Internacional (International Medical Emergency) is a company founded by aviation professionals with a vast experience in aerial operations, including aeromedical evacuation by plane and helicopter.

The Company has a close relationship with OMNI - Aviação e Tecnologia, SA., leading company in this line of business in Portugal.


EMI performs air ambulance flights in accordance with OMNI Group philosophy SQS - Safety, Quality, Service for all type of patients.

Through our network we find solutions in every part of the world for any urgent case or just for financial reasons.

The base and operation centre located in Cascais aerodrome allows fast access to any point of Portugal and abroad, as well as coordination with the best equipped hospital units and best country specialists. EMI coordinates the whole operation and has at its disposal a medical team (doctor and nurse) always ready to accompany the patient during the trip.

Enjoying a vast experience in this line of business, EMI is available 24 hours a day.






Globalization along with the tendency to go on holiday to remote places has meant an increase in international missions in ambulance planes.

An increasing number of users choose our services for high responsibility critical situations; insurance companies, assistance companies, health organizations, private companies or government authorities:

  • Medical emergency services by airplane and helicopter;
  • Inter-hospital transfer for high risk or intensive care patients;
  • Transport of blood or urgently needed medicines;
  • Transport of organ transplant teams;
  • Repatriation and worldwide medical assistance.


Service Scope

The service is based on timely intervention through the availability of physical resources and active situation management from the Control Centre, open 24 hours a day.

The service includes:

  • A Coordination and Control Centre located at Cascais airport, permanently operated;
  • A specially dedicated fleet of planes and helicopters transformed in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) version, ready to act quickly anywhere in the world;
  • Medical teams highly specialised, able to transport adults, children and new-born babies, even in critical situations;
  • An airplane and helicopter fleet for the transport of medical teams, organs, blood, medicines;
  • Communication equipment ensuring the optimisation of contacts through fixed and mobile phone, telefax and radio.



The Company has a great experience providing this type of service, counting on several clients, associations connected to motor sports and all types of events which require specialised medical support.

In order to ensure the fulfilment of each mission, EMI sets high standards in medical, technological and organizational fields.

EMI counts with a highly specialised medical team in all air ambulance flights.

Prior to any flight the patient medical report is subject to a careful look by EMI clinical director which according with the circumstance choose the most suitable medical team to perform the flight.

EMI provides bed-to-bed flights and assure that patient have the best treatment before, during after the flight.

EMS Flights
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